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Atess 2

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- [35 minutes de vidéos ( comprenant des fichiers de très très haute qualité en 720x576 à 2400Kbps ! ) ]
- [2165 images capturées depuis les vidéos, en 720 x 576
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(1) I met him in a big city in an Arabic country, on public transportation.
He was obviously a student, back from campus, chatting and laughing with his pals (all ugly...). I was myself with a friend, not far from them, and I was shocked by his beauty. My friend and I began to talk about him openly (but in our own language he supposedly could not understand), laughing a bit and looking at him quickly sometimes (but not like annoying "queens" one can see too many times in Europe), in order to "test" his reactions and to draw his attention.

Actually in this country (I don't tell the name, in order to protect better this boy), although foreigners (especially "white" ones) are well noticed and respected in public, actually, we are only looked at, but nothing more, and the locals don't try to get in contact, mostly because of language barriers, but also because of culture and religion, which makes us look more like "Martians" to them.

But this boy was so beautiful, I thought it would be too bad to let him go away stupidly, like we have to do all the time in life (namely in subway etc). I had told my friend (a man - who has the same tastes as me) that in this country the boys are nearly all ugly, and this day we were in front of a real gem!

The fact that we were two, helped us to have enough guts to try to talk with him, which we managed to do little by little - it was really not easy (especially with his pals around).

Finally, we went out at the same station as him (of course!) and I told him that we needed a guide like him to help visit the town, and, since he seemed very hesitant (despite our status of "whealthy foreigners"), I added that I would pay him a good price. (I don't remember, maybe $10/hour, which locally is a lot, since most people there earn less than $100/month), and he accepted.

But I also added that my condition was that he be alone (not with his two (ugly) colleagues, who would have transformed an exciting perspective into pain); this did not help create trust. But, thanks to money, and since we are rather good looking and not frightening, he finally accepted to tell his friend to continue without him (which was a bit strange in this country).

Then we visited some local interesting spots (which we could have done by ourselves - actually he did not even knew these places, or only by name).

Then, with confidence coming, we discovered that this boy was not only outrageously beautiful, but also very charming, and very shy as well. All perfect! But at this point, I was also wishing (dying!) to know if he was also "charming" also under his clothes.

When walking and visiting, little by little we began to talk about men2men relations and such things (always laughing of course), but this seemed to horrify him, like everyone there.

Hopefully, my friend (obviously more experienced than me!) told him, laughing, that he WAS actually a girl, which did not seem to require a lot of effort from Atess to accept. Somehow, at first only for laugh, but later, my friend (and I) became more and more serious about supposing we were girls (without doing anything visible, of course). This is the only way to manage to do anything sexual in such countries; the boy must figure that he is with a girl - else it is "gay" (shame etc.).

We finally managed to come with him to our flat (after 5 hours), and there my friend let me alone with Atess (knowing that I planned to possibly make pics etc.) – BTW., "Atess" is not his real name, of course, and should be said like in "mattress" (without "m" and "r"), not like in "ate").

Then I was alone with this breathtaking boy, in the saloon you can see on first pics, and I did not wait long before showing him some sexual clips (with girls!) on my laptop. At first he was a bit shocked (not used to see this), but thankfully he did not ask me to stop, and seemed very interested.

(2) When I noticed that a "bulge" was beginning to rise under his pants, I asked him to show me. He refused, but after some time and more arousal, and more laughs and demands from me, he finally opened his pants and I could see his briefs and the shape of his hard dick :-)

(3) Then, with arousal rising, I finally "played" by putting quickly my hand on the hard and hot area, and he reacted with "NOs", talking and watching me with eyes full of reproach like if I was completely mad, doing something totally "bad" and immoral.
He looked so serious and "pure", I was nearly ashamed, although I know I do nothing wrong.

(4) With these pictures you see actually the second set of pics I made, when he was much more relaxed (but not the first day, when I had to struggle against very strong "taboos").

Then, watching the clips, finally he accepted that I would sometimes put my hand on his underwear (at the right place), continuing to say "no", but with less conviction.

(5) Then I had to struggle a bit, like usual, against his "barriers", to remove a bit his underwear; I did not forget to compliment him about his dick (and I was sincere!), which seemed to please him. Actually, what is interesting with boys is that once they are hard, in front of girls porn, nearly all of them they can accept almost anything, namely things that should not even have been talked about in other situations.

Then all was so hot, it was impossible for me not to put my mouth quite close to his dick, and, in order to avoid any last blocking or incident that would have fucked it all up, I remembered to ask him to concentrate on the laptop screen (the girls), and not on me, or at least to think I was a girl.

(6) At this point, with my mouth really close from his dick, that I had already touched quite a lot, since he said nothing and seemed to have forgotten me, and was staring at the video clips, I understood that there would not be any more resistance, and I began to lick and then suck him :-)

(7) It was really delightful! His dick was very hot and fitted very nice in mouth; actually it was almost impossible to take his dick out of my mouth, as if it were "at home". Once his dick was in my mouth, it was as if it were "stuck" inside, and it was hard, but not too much. (Sometimes boys are so hard that you have the feeling of sucking stone or wood, which is not very pleasant. I like to watch very hard dicks, but not to suck them.)

(8) Granted, the fact that this was his "first time" added even more excitement and pleasure (not only his beauty etc), and I'm glad to be able to share a part of this with you (by this text, and the photos and videos).

Then, after having sucked him for a while, he was terribly hot (not the same guy at all), and when I asked him to come with me in bedroom, this time he did not refuse! :-)

It would be too long to describe here all what happened, but, so only a few points.

We had to turn down the light, he was totally naked on me, at first I was lying on my back, I could feel his hot body on me. I caressed and licked his smooth, silky and sand-colored skin. Of course, he refused to let me put my mouth too close to his mouth.

He told me (since he knew a few English words) that I was "the best girl in the world"!! :-)
Despite that I don't really feel I'm a girl (not at all indeed!), I did not discuss this, and was very glad about this "I'm a girl" trick, silently thanking my friend, who was in the room besides, probably guessing what was happening.

Despite the fact that I was not really a girl, it was very obvious that this was his first sexual relations (I mean that he did never come so close to the body of anyone, even a girl, which is totally forbidden in his country before marriage), and I was happy to be his first one!

But of course he wanted to fuck me, which I don't like. Actually I like feeling the hard dick and the moves, trying to penetrate me (at "entrance"), but not when it enters, so I did not allow him to "enter", which was even more arousing for him (forcing to enter).

He turned really wild, and finally, after shaking me a lot (I was now lying below him, and his dick was very active on my bottom), he finally came and inundated me :-)
Well, when writing all these memories I'm myself hard and I must go for a while in the bathroom :-)

--- (I’m back) ---

OK, this boy is one of my best memories, and in this second (and last) set, "Atess 2", I tried to remake what happened during this first encounter, at least the bed scenes, despite it cannot be as good, because I cannot remove my clothes totally (I keep my briefs on): I'm quite private, and also, since I'm the webmaster, I must keep a minimum of seriousness!

And also you want to see young blood, not middle-age. Hopefully I'm not fat and not too hairy so you should not be shocked when seeing some parts of me.

On this first evening, I did not record anything - I only made a few pics when visiting the town. The boy was not ready for such things, I'm not even sure that I talked him about this "job" at first time.

Then it took me a lot of time to convince him to do photo sessions. It was really difficult, mostly because I had to make pictures of his national ID card (for proving age - he was 19).

Finally I had to offer him a LOT of money (this is also one of the reasons of the quite high price of this set - not only the quality of image and arousal), and finally he accepted.
We made a first set, very nice as well, that you can see in my main site, YSB (there, his video clips are released slowly, not all at once like here).

He told me that with the money he would buy a present for his girlfriend (which I found quite charming and funny), and buy a mobile phone (that you can see in this second set - already packed with some porn small clips! only teenager fun, not real danger for him)

With the second set he told me he would buy a computer; but soon after, I left the country, and probably I won't meet him again. This is life! Very probably he will marry, have children, etc., which is the best that can happen to him. And he will not be ashamed when remembering me and what we did! This is very important for me and I always ensure that (even if at first they accept only for money), the boys do not regret what they did.

Now it's up to you if you want to live somehow this nice story :-)

9) Just remember that if in the pics and vids you see here, he does not look really shy or wild, this is because there were several meetings since the first time I've described above.

For this very special, high quality and highly arousing set,
there are no sexual preview images
(except a bit, below),
but, if you know my sites, you know you can trust me,
you will really not be deceived.
I consider this set as one of the most achieved of all my works ;
you will see this incredibly beautiful 19 y.o. STR8 boy
being licked, sucked, and a bit more
(by whom ?... :-),
and you will see how he moves his dick without hands , etc etc

- he has a very good strong dick, very very hot !
As well as his delicious body...
Actually this boy is perfect (to my taste) !
And there are many close-ups, really close,
you will nearly "scent" him, better than ever :-)

... and if you are "new", I understand you don't want
to trust only by words : just discover my sites little by little
and you will come back here later :-)

You get 35 minutes of VIDEOS in 5 clips
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snapshot from video clip in 720x540 @ 2400Kbps (.WMV)

snapshot from video clip in 720x540 @ 2400Kbps (.WMV)

snapshot from video clip in 720x540 @ 2400Kbps (.WMV)

snapshot from video clip in 720x540 @ 2400Kbps (.WMV)

You can watch now all the SEX
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Atess 2

- 35 minutes of VIDEOS-( including very very high quality files in 720x576 pixels @ 2400Kbps ! )
- 2165 STILL PICS from the vids, in 720x540
(1 snapshot every second)
- 1 ZIP file
of these snapshots

- [35 minutes de vidéos ( comprenant des fichiers de très très haute qualité en 720x576 à 2400Kbps ! ) ]
- [2165 images capturées depuis les vidéos, en 720 x 540
(1 par seconde)]
- [ 1 fichier ZIP de ces images]

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