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Bilal 5 ("Zentai-tied" : tied to the bed, in zentai catsuit, sucked,
and fucking my hand with an incredible power !)

23mn VIDEO (he takes a shower, allows me to wash him, but finally refuses because it looks like "gay things" when I seem to be more caressing than washing ; then he is a bit angry against me ; then (the next day) I have the idea of the black catsuit to hide him totally, he agrees, he also agrees to be tied to the bed (as he trusts me, and anyway no one can recognize him, right ?), and he is extremely horny and hard even before I suck him ; I suck his dick which is very hot and hard and delicious, at first I use a condom as a "pretext" (like a barrier between me and him, like "oh it's not really like sucking a dick, but more like sucking a piece of plastic you know, so i don't care"), but later we remove the condom and he does not care (since he feels too good anyway), I suck him many times because it's really good and I feel he takes a great pleasure, tied and hidden like that, being like a sexual toy, then he fucks my hand with really an incredible strength, his cock is stiff and hard like an arm, it's very very good and hot, and finally he explodes with cumming ; it's really a very good and memorable experience !! :-) - if you don't like this (short but good) set, then quickly consult a doctor :-), 74 PHOTOS

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