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Bilal 6 ("2 zentais" : simulating fucking me (between legs), while both of us are in zentai catsuits)

13mn VIDEO in HD (1280x720) in good quality (not too much compressed),
(only) 7 PHOTOS
(it was already very difficult to be "fucked" AND to monitor the cam AND the light etc, thus, this time, I could use only one device)
Fucking me between my legs (bottom and front), and cumming on me

This set is "the result" of
- Bilal 3 (where I could suck him for the first time, but where he could not do "assfuck simulation" (because blocked, ashamed etc))
- Bilal 4 (where he fucked a girl vigourously and I thought it would be "interesting" if he could show the same energy on me (which he actually did in this set Bilal 6 !)
- and Bilal 5 where I noticed that he was much less stressed and shameful when totally hidden by a zentai catsuit, and also where I could definitely (more than ever) feel the incredible strength of his hard dick in my hand.
Here in Bilal 6 he really manages to do with me like if I were a girl !
However, it was extremely difficult to record that, because I was, at the same time, "the girl", and the camera guy, and I had to find a way to have the light on the dick, the dick in the camera, the boy and the dick at the right place and enough comfortable, and so on, which is almost impossible. I had to cut (remove) half of the video rushes, but the 13mn remaining are worth anyway, not to mention that it's almost all in HD (except about 1mn at first), which is, most of the time, rather good.

Another problem was that there was no real "hole" to fuck (and don't suggest fucking me in the ass, which is impossible in many aspects, and which he does not want anyway, as you will see), thus it was painful for him (dick rubbing on the zip of my suit) but you will see in another set (when I wear an inflatable doll !) that I could handle this problem, after all these tries in Bilal 6.
Today it was difficult also because he sometimes had to hold the cam (which I could not do when showing him my bottom), but with his suit (mask) he could not see much (and also he could hardly breathe).

Because this set is rather "experimental" (but normally arousing anyway), and because I was nervous and not very kind in it (all that was, technically, too much difficult !), I've set the price to only 5$. I think it's worth (and it's in HD) and anyway it's also a way for you to share my adventures (life is sometimes more uneasy than usual...).

Don't worry, at the end there are cumshots, as usual :-)
If you liked already Bilal 1 to 5, you will like this one, surely ! :-)
After watching the clip again, I have to add that despite he was very horny, he was also in "troubled feelings" because, finally, he was fucking a boy for the first time... (and enjoying it !) but when I watched his dick pounding me (especially at the end), I could remember that it was very pleasant to feel him so strongly between my legs and my balls :-)

The zentai suit : it's not really for fun : it's because, without this, he would never accept to do such things with a boy ! (you will see that he even put sunglasses at first (briefly))
It's a trick that I found, in order to manage to do things (many things :-) with such boys ; they feel much more confortable like this, being hidden.

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